T9 Cx

Simplify your projects with this 2-in-1 solution. Secure and convenient, the coaxial connector can evacuate smoke and get fresh air at the same time. Of course, this works completely independantly from room air. Open up new opportunities of interior design by placing T9-CX in the center of your living room. Also available in a 6 kW version.


T9 Cx

Puissance : 2,5 - 9,1 kw

Réservoir : 17 kg

Rendement : 91,4 %

Touchscreen : Display Tactile

Ghost Vision : Vitre teintée

Soft Mode : Ventilation débrayable

Hermetic : Avis technique du CSTB

Wifi : Connect optionnel

Quick Flame : Démarrage rapide

Programmation horaire : Hebdomadaire

Auto : Régulation automatique

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Automatic regulation

Configure your stove the way you want : automatic, with regulated heating power and diffusion as well as self-directed ignitions and extinguishments by room temperature, or manual.

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The weekly programme is included with every stove and allows a sophisticated management. With the BLACKLINE app, you can add up to 3 modes of temperatures and 3 different plannings. 

100% Touch


Intuitive and responsive, the 4.3’’ full touch screen makes everything easier. Get your stove set up and programmed in minutes and free time to sit down and relax.

Getting started is as fast as it is fun, you can access the menus with a simple swipe of your finger and personalize your screen with a wallpaper to your style.

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Ghost Vision

Contrasting magic glass

While increasing the security level, Ghost Vision ingeniously conceals the hearth when the stove is turned off and magically reveals the flames when on.

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Additionally, the Ghost Vision double door brings a clean and very aesthetic look to the stove. Delicately tinted, the flame is sublimated.


Hermetic stoves

All BlackLine stoves can be directly connected to combustion air and are equipped with an airtight pellet tank. In addition, Hermetic stoves meet EN16510 airtightness standards as well as the rigorous DTA from CSTB laboratory in France.

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Ideal in some specific installation configurations. Contact your installer for more information.

Quick Flame

Rapid start-up

Quick Flame is the most secure and advanced technology of pellet ignition. Fully monitored, the flame appears in less than 3 minutes.

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Properly maintained, the ceramic spark plug provides faster temperature rise and longer life.


Optional thermostat

If you need to heat a large room, siloed volumes or simply want to enhance your system, you can connect a wireless thermostat Sense to your stove.

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Thanks to Sense, the thermostat with WiFi Key, your heating automatically adjusts to maintain the ideal temperature in your room. Download the app BlackLine on your smartphone : you can easily start your stove from wherever you are, your sofa, at work or from your holidays.

Soft Mode

Disengageable room fan

Especially suitable for low-energy houses, turn on Soft Mode and enjoy the smooth heat of your stove only diffused by natural convection.

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You will enjoy the discretion of the stove which operates without a room fan for absolute comfort.

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