Nos technologies

100% Touch

Simpler and more responsive, you switch from one menu to the other smoothly. Thanks to its brightness and high display quality and sensitivity, the touch control panel is a real bonus that you won't be able to do without. In addition, the standby function saves energy when the display is not in use. If only everything was as simple as Blackline!

Ghost Vision

The design of the stove is reinvented. During heating, the Ghost Vision transparent black glass produces new visual effects: the flames are softer and more natural in color. Another advantage, the dark and shiny facade blends into any interior with softness and elegance. Pellet stoves thus become an aesthetic interior decoration element all year round.


Equipped with a tactile front, Sense and its rounded shape integrates with ease and finesse on the wall of your interior. You can easily control the room temperature of your room, your stove obeys at your beck and call.

WiFi Connect

You turn your Blackline stove on/off, adjust the heating and fan power, change the desired temperature in the room. The BLACKLINE application allows you to program up to 3 different temperature modes and record 3 schedules over a week. Compatible with both the stove thermostat and a remote (Sense or Remote) thermostat, WiFi Connect offers ultimate user comfort. The whole family can connect to the stove thanks to the simplified application system. Several Blackline stoves can be registered.

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